Les Bains Douches

100% love it
Popular with all ages.
Very well maintained, three level club. Best known bathhouse in Nice.


    • Marino_CNY
      Marino_CNY Over a year ago
      Loves it

      THE pulse of Old DownTown
      Found out about this sauna from locals at the gay bars. This is where they go where guys are not clicky to the point where there is no activity. Staff was very friendly & asked up-front "are you new?" At which point, they gave you the rules and the expectations, which did not happen at other establishments (where the staff barked their disdain at your faux-paux). Les Bains Douches (unlike other establishments) gave you the impression that they welcomed all customers, regardless of age, weight, height, etc. The prime time seems to be 2PM to 6PM, both young and old. The younger guys are HOT, very well put-together with toned bodies. The older guys are respectful and range in height/weight. 70% seem to be the younger crowd between 2-5 PM. Black room on the 3rd level is where guys lose their inhibitions, but plenty going on elsewhere. This is a definite stop if you are on holiday... you might have to go back 3 or 4 times during your stay!